From Nike Golf Shirts to Custom Nike T-shirts
and Accessories, Corporate Gear Has You Covered

Place your brand logo on premium custom Nike products and company apparel. You know what you love about Nike. It’s why you choose it first. Nike consistently ranks alongside luxury brands in top-10 brand popularity worldwide. It’s a premium, legacy brand that is a go-to style, and go-to choice, across generations. Nike’s a pioneering visionary in joining quality products with unparalleled greatness. The brand’s partnerships are a distinction of product quality. 

Because of that, you love the easy quality of Nike products, and the timeless appeal, making it a straightforward choice for custom golf gear, promotional items, and branded apparel.


Custom Nike Swag - A Stake to Excellence

Nike was one of the first brands to partner so effortlessly with winning athletes. Your brand aligns with a tradition of excellence when you pair your own brand logo with premium Nike products. Nike always welcomes innovation, ingenuity, and cultural shifts that maintain the brand’s popularity. When you co-brand your logo with Nike, you reach a wider audience, and extend Nike’s commitment to quality, to your organization.

Custom Nike Brasilia
Medium Backpack


Custom Nike Men's Dri-FIT Franchise Polo


Custom Nike Men's Dri-FIT Franchise Polo


Custom Nike Men's Dri-FIT Franchise Polo


First in Design

Nike first invented DriFIT technology for the golf course over 30 years ago. The tech fabric that stops UV rays, and wicks away moisture, today is offered across Nike apparel lines. But it’s not just for active wear. DriFIT apparel keeps you comfortable whether you’re finishing up a golf game and heading to dinner, or for all-day wear.

Create Brand Reach

Co-branded marketing makes an influential impact. When you thoughtfully choose the right products, and items, that perfectly underscore what’s special about your brand, your brand reach and impact inevitably grows.

Nike offers many custom design options, for an array of products. Corporate Gear allows you to place the entire order easily online. But also choose more support, for free, to discern what products and items make sense for your brand, and whole order.

Custom Embroidery with Care

Custom embroider your company logo on an extensive selection of Nike gear, apparel, and accessories. 

Corporate Gear uses PMS color technology to match your logo color perfectly, before you proceed with a purchase. You’ll also have help anytime you choose, by speaking with one of our Gear Guides about logo placement, or customer care for any matter pertaining to your order.  


Corporate Gear extends Nike’s commitment to quality with everything from Nike Golf Shirts, to gear, hats, and accessories, in serviceability. Customer Care begins with your online order experience. Ordering online should be a no-hassle process, no matter what size, budget, or type of order. Additionally, Corporate Gear provides timely and easy access to real-time help. 

There’s never any order commitment or charge to your organization until you finalize your order—with a real person at Corporate Gear.

Return for More

You might be placing an order for the first time, or for just one time. You also might be planning to make a similar order at certain times of the year, or want to make sure certain styles and products will be available. 

Corporate Gear is one of only a select group of premium Nike providers. This generally enables us to provide a wider collection of many items. It means our customers can feel assured the results that they loved the first time around are available for their next order. And, that the help you receive in curating an idea ensures your trust that the next order experience will be equally as satisfying.

You Want to Level-Up This Year.
Up Your Brand Audience with Custom Nike Shirts

Nike Golf Polo Shirts for Branded Promotional Items

Today, events and corporate campaigns are a year-round consideration. With an evolving event and campaign landscape, promotional items with logo branding continue to be effective. When it comes to marketing and industry events, your audience might be a mix of in-person or virtual attendees. But if you aren’t meeting in-person, Custom Nike shirts, with your brand logo, handily represents your brand well. 

The superior Nike Golf Polo Shirt  moves from a must-try to a must-have for most wardrobes. When it comes to Polo-style, Nike’s Golf Polo is a long-time leader, making it a great option for curated promotional clothing, to custom corporate apparel. The shirt is enhanced with DriFIT technology, and Nike’s slim-line fit meets any shape well for a stylish look. 

Custom embroidered polo shirts by Corporate Gear means you’ll find a dedicated inventory of colors and sizes. We provide a large array, no matter when you order, so your organization can be confident in ordering again and again. 

What’s your goal? Naturally, it’s to create value— to inspire team and colleague brand vision, or solidify client awareness. When you choose a Nike product for company gear, corporate gift ideas, or alongside any team logo, you value exceptional performance. 

It’s always refreshing when a swag-bag is filled with premium, well-appointed, branded items. When your logo is tastefully embroidered, your recipients will appreciate the thoughtfulness and ultimately use a product, because you have them in mind.


Customized Nike Backpacks Equals Well-Loved Style

Custom Nike Gear That Goes Everywhere, So Your Brand Does, Too

What is it about a durable backpack that makes it so essential? More and more, backpacks are a mainstay for people of any age and background. The sporty backpack that once sat only on the back of an avid hiker, nature lover, or school-age student, is now a welcomed accessory to any wardrobe.

Customized Nike Backpacks are an awesome inclusion to corporate gifts for employees, or as branded swag. When anyone wears the backpack with your custom branded logo on it, they carry your brand wherever they travel. 

The comfortable mid-sized accessory allows for easy wear to the gym, the field, game day, traveling, and to-and-from the office. You can select from a variety of backpack options, to pair well with your brand style and logo. 

Nike is a brand that keeps you top-of-mind with a variety of gear you’ll use regularly. Custom Nike Gear, like the Nike Duffle bag or Nike Gym Sack, are also great alternatives for custom embroidery carry-wear. The first is a perfect way to fit it all, neatly and stylishly, and the sleeker sack is an ideal solution for carrying necessities without a bulky silhouette. 

Corporate Gear can help you decide on the right option for your needs, and guide you to the best logo placement and size for the brand logo finish you’re after.


Meet in Style. Custom Nike Clothing to Rouse Brand Interest

Go Casually – And Competently in Custom Nike T-Shirts

Not every meeting requires formality. When was the last time you opted for an overly formal dress choice? If you’re meeting with clients after hours, or in a customer-facing position, wearing Custom Nike Clothing instantly connects your brand logo to Nike’s enduring nod to professionalism. 

A quality hoodie, or custom t-shirt, with your brand alongside Nike, are company clothing that will be worn time and again. You reach for and ultimately wear clothing that feels good. Nike-level quality, no matter the type of clothing, does that. 

Soft fabric that also keeps its shape are two reasons recipients, from employees, to potential clients or customers, will reach for your branded clothing. Add to this, DriFIT technology threaded into Nike custom t-shirts, translates to even more goodwill, and better client experience.


You Want Premium Promo Products. Custom Nike Jacket Wear Is in Reach.

Custom Nike Apparel Keeps You Fashion-Forward

Nike supports forward-thinking, innovation. It’s okay if you never use the trendiest vocabulary, instead, choosing co-branded custom Nike jacket wear or any custom Nike apparel is always an on-trend statement. 

Corporate Gear Guides can work with you at every stage of your decision process, for Custom Nike Apparel as branded promotional apparel. Are you thinking of adding a Nike jacket with your emblem to a curated gift bag for new clients, or vendors? Maybe you want a few options for a corporate ecommerce site, to choose from Nike custom shirts, custom polos, or custom tees? 

At Corporate Gear, we offer premium products within a range that fits your budget. It’s a great feeling to offer customized branded Nike clothing with your logo that recipients will want to choose. When you invest in well-made clothing, you can improve team culture, and ensure you’re building-out your brand based on quality. 

Just as important, we’re responsive to your end-goal. You might want to try something new and be sure it will look great, or make certain you can continue to order specific items throughout an annual cycle. 

Order online and then take it offline with a Corporate Gear Guide who can walk you through various options, and offer other solutions you may not have considered. As always, Corporate Gear never charges you for your order until you finalize it directly with us.

Custom Nike Polo Shirts

Custom Logo Golf Shirts Go to Work—On Elevating Your Brand

The Golf Shirt Is the New Button-Down. Custom Nike Golf Shirts for Office-Wear

The Nike Golf Shirt and apparel feel light to wear, and have just the right amount of stretch for active and casual comfort. Nike’s commitment to fabric quality extends to your co-branded vision. From a tailored collar, to stretchy material, the feel and design of custom Nike golf shirts are easy to embroider and then to wear. Embroider your logo on half-zipper, long-sleeve apparel, for extra layers on the course or after-hours. 

Nike is really active wear for your golf game—and your office. Today’s Nike golf shirts, and apparel, give you the flexibility to wear the style how and where you decide, making it a great addition to your custom golf gear, and company apparel.

Position your company logo on one or more areas of custom logo golf shirts. Choose from a stock of colors, for half-zip long sleeves that you’ll find only in premium Nike offerings. 

Color and sizing selection allows your business flexibility in customizing with your logo and color, for a unique pop of color. With Corporate Gear’s easy customizing online service, you can create a combination that sets your brand-look apart.

It’s “Yes!” to Exceptional Co-Branded Corporate Gear with Custom Nike Logo Shirts

You Value Your Team. Custom Nike Polo Shirts for Your Company Apparel

You and your team work hard. They’ll welcome the great fit and easy comfort of Custom Nike Polo shirts. Nike polos keep their shape— and the color stays, too. Unlike other polo-brands, Nike exceeds at color-fast basics, like navy, blue, or black, so that the color holds over time. Or, you can branch out with a selection of more lively colors. 

Nike is one of only a few premium brands that offers a variety of polos, and apparel, with their logo on the sleeve. Whether as company gifts for employees, or company apparel, embroidered Custom Nike Logo Shirts.

Place your company logo on the front of the shirt as a standalone logo, or opt for a subtle tone-on-tone with the iconic swoosh and your brand logo together.